Wednesday, March 12

Rainbow Breathing Exercise and Worksheet


I wanted to create an easy introduction to mindful breathing for children that have minds that wonder or bore easy with meditation. This exercise may take practice with an adult depending on age but once breathing and reading size is mastered it can be laminated and tucked away for easy access in a classroom at home or school. Instead of busy work it can be implemented as a transition tool for students that have finish their work and are waiting for Mom or teacher to prompt the next lesson.
The exercise is about 2-3 minutes once through but can be repeated as needed. Please use and spread these as mindful resource tools.

Monday, March 10

mindful bites-GF & Vegan

We can't seem to live without these energizing mind bites lately. As soon as I make them they disappear! The ch- cha- chia adds in some superfood power and not to mention the flax packs a good supply of plant based Omega 3.

Mindful Bites

1 cup almond butter
2 cups GF oats
1 heaping tablespoon chia
1/2 cup ground flax
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 tablespoons maple syrup-grade B

1 cup dried fruit or chocolate chips

Add all the ingredients together in a bowl and then its time to use your hands to mix it all together. Whenever a recipe calls for hand mixing I always visualize positive energy leaving my hands and absorbing into the food-just a little extra love and Reiki!
Once everything is incorporated make one large ball and refrigerate for 15-25 minutes to help soften the oats. After refrigerated simply roll separate bites about 1 inch diameter and store in the fridge.

Mindful homeschool activity sheet and download


I am sharing another free worksheet for teaching mindfulness to children. This one is very simple and appropriate for young minds. Please use and share!

Friday, March 7

mindful music worksheet & download


As part of our homeschool curriculum I have the boys listen to various types of music and then work on our music visual worksheet. Some of the most interesting and creative things come out of these lessons. The art work and feelings that are evoked are wonderful to see.

Friday, February 14

Special Worth

These are love affirmation gifts to the boys for Valentines Day. The idea was taken from some I AM poster examples. The boys did the art work first with watercolor and markers and then I typed up some loving describers for them to cut out and glue to the art work.  They had total freedom of choice on topic but both decided on Rainbows. When we read them together they where so surprised that they could be special?! It blew my mind that this was the first recollection for them that they had special worth. It raised my own awareness that I can show them connection with art work or Soul Work.  I really enjoyed doing this project and hope to do several more with different emotions as part of  emotional awareness curriculum in our Mindful Homeschooling.

Thursday, February 13

5 day simple cleanse

Detox Cleanse

Basic Structure
Length: 5 days

Snacks: organic Veggies, 1 cup of almonds or 1 cup of berries

Drinks: Water, lemon and Cayenne; Kambucha or Green tea.

Supplements: 1 raw garlic clove, peppermint oil, Pro-biotic Kifer

Key Rules 
No Grains: Avoid wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa and all other grains 
 No Processed Food: Avoid white sugar, brown sugar, Splenda®, Equal®, and agave  
Avoid Alcohol: Avoid all types of alcohol
 Focus on Probiotics: Take a multi-spectrum probiotic (50 billion count) once a day

Eat These Foods
Whole vegetables
Greens and fresh vegetable juices
Sweet potatoes and yams
Wild fish, grass-fed meats and eggs
Fermented foods
Nuts, seeds and nut butters
Avocado and coconut
Fresh and frozen berries
Whole fruits
Small amounts of caffeine in the form of green tea.

Meal Plan 

Day 1

Breakfast: berry & macha shake 
Lunch: sweet potato fries & kimchi salad
 Dinner: egg omelet and steamed broccoli

Day 2

Breakfast: Green Shake

Lunch: Green salad with olives and almonds  Dinner: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Day 3

Breakfast: Vanilla Almond Shake Lunch: Thai Chicken Salad

Day 4

Breakfast: Berry Shake  
Lunch: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup  Dinner: Super salad

Day 5

Breakfast: Purple Shake Lunch: Local Vegetable Frittata  Dinner: Euro Nut Shake

Prep is essential and recipes, shopping lists and pre-steaming or cooking food helps continued success. Shakes should not be made ahead of time do to a loss of nutrional value through oxidization. The fresher the better! I highly recommend eating mindfully and reading The Zen of Eating before starting. 

Tuesday, November 26

winter tree study

With Christmas season right around the corner and winter on our doorstep, I decided to introduce the coniferous tree as part of our winter season curriculum. First we walked around the neighborhood and identified coniferous trees. The boys were actually excited to point them out and shout "found one!" Once we had identified all of our neighborhood conifers I trimmed a one foot branch off of a pine tree to bring into our classroom for further observation. A head of time I had scissors, bowls and a ruler set out for such observations.

Before we began we started with a few questions:

Do pine needles smell?
How do the bark/needles feel?
What color are the needles?
How long are the needles?
Do pine trees have flowers?

Once we had established a few questions for observation the boys started in naming off many observations as they cut, smelled, felt and looked at the pine branches. I assisted in writing these down on the observation sheet. This was a fun activity and used sensory and observatory factors.